Meet Our Team

Andi Moore

Director of Operations

Andi has over 15 years of Director of Operations experience and over 25 years of dental management experience. In 2000, she relocated from the Midwest to Southern California, where her career took off in leadership. In 2015, Andi was awarded Team Leader of The Year by the elite dental practice management group Nextlevel Practice out of New York City. Andi is committed to the bottom line profitability of each practice, while coaching and supporting our team members to perform at their best daily. She has a successful yet unique way of coaching teams on positive mindset, accountability, over coming obstacles and working as a team while having fun. She is extremely passionate about the oral systemic connection in Complete Health Dentistry. Her keen style of educating while creating value regarding the mouth as the gate way to the body is pivotal in her success with case acceptance. She has participated in Tony Robbins, UPW and Advanced Leadership and is an Advanced Leadership graduate at Landmark Forum. Andi enjoys hiking, personal development and traveling to tropical destinations where she enjoys relaxing on the beach with her daughter, Alexandrea.