Meet Our Team

Barbara Marra

Director of Procurement & Finance

Having worked at Fortune 500 companies (Target, MoneyGram International and Avnet), Barbara brings Fortune 500 procurement and project management experience to our organization. She had led high level initiatives during her time at these large corporations that are still being utilized today.

At Silver Creek Dental Partners, Barbara is in charge of developing a variety of standard operation procedures and helping to develop key performance indexes to create efficiencies and lower costs. She oversees a multitude of business strategy/operations: finance operations (treasury, accounts payable, payroll, taxes, etc.), vendor management, business compliance (OSHA, HIPAA, Covid, etc.), insurance (general business, medical, etc.), and IT functions.

She is dedicated and passionate in laying the foundation for well-run business operations to support our rapidly growing dental support organization.

Barbara presently works and lives in Dana Point, California.


● Developed a special order online program within Emser to grow sales in a profitable manner and avoid capital risks that would come inventory investment on fashion-forward and trend products with short life cycles. It would allow for expansion of color, material and add diversity into the product offerings.
● Managed product within Nexicore’s electronics components division. Turned a margin-loss product category into a margin leader (30% improvement) by creating new sourcing approaches.
● Held lead role in strategic merchandising groups at Target. Developed new approaches to limiting underperforming inventory while supporting best selling apparel.

Process Improvement

● Analyzed cross-functional workflow with MoneyGram International’s department heads and suppliers to identify cost reduction opportunities and provide subject matter expertise. Two specific projects yielded $1.2 million in cost savings through procurement efficiencies and contract renegotiation.
● Led implementation of inventory plan for all Target locations (1550 locations).

Vendor Management

● Main point of contact for major MoneyGram International security platform RFP. Led pricing negotiations with RFP respondents which resulted in cost avoidances of $2.0 million and significant contract flexibilities.
● Negotiated in real-time with major Target vendors by adjusting sales forecasts and redeploy overseas purchase commitments. Led to a $6 million aversion of purchasing losses.
● Served as single point of contact for RFPs across multiple spend categories at MoneyGram International. Oversaw 16 specific RFPs for internal business groups and domestic and international vendors in 12 month period.


● Project Leadership
● Process Development
● Procurement/Sourcing Experience
● Strategic Vendor Partnership and Negotiation
● Cross-Functional Efficiency Investigation
● International & Domestic Vendor Management
● Management of Large and Complex Projects
● Results-Driven
● Management of High-Visibility Request for Proposals

Technical Skills

● Major ERP Platforms: SAP/Oracle
● Cognos BI Tools
● Concur
● Advanced Excel Analysis: Pivot tables/Vlookup
● Access Database Queries