Meet Our Team

Roxanne Beheshti

Manager of Operations

With 16 years of experience in dentistry, Roxanne has honed her craft in both private practice and corporate settings. Born and raised in San Diego, Roxanne studied sociology and is a self-proclaimed business enthusiast with a passion for personal and professional development. She has had reputable results in motivating her team and foster a collaborative, energetic work culture. Roxanne is dedicated to the success and profitability of the practices and is a results-driven leader who knows how to get the job done while keeping things fun. As Manager of Operations for Silver Creek Dental Partners, Roxanne thrives on her ability to make a positive impact on patients’ lives through her exceptional patient advocacy and commitment to earning their trust. On her spare time, you can find Roxanne exploring local parks with her husband and two daughters, or indulging in her love of spontaneous adventures, tennis and dancing.